Why are the NFL and NHL owners boycotting the NCAA?

USA Today Sports A lot of the owners have expressed opposition to the NCAA’s new rule banning players from using social media to share photos of themselves.The league has also announced it is withdrawing from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the World Baseball Classic.The owners also have voiced displeasure at the NCAA decision toRead More

Nissan is taking a gamble on a new sports car: The Supra 2.0

Nissan has announced it’s taking a $50 million bet on the Supra sports car.The Supras’ 2.1-liter turbocharged, 4.0-liter four-cylinder engine, which powers the car’s top speed of 320 mph, will be offered in four different versions: the Supras S and S2, the first of which will go on sale in 2020, and the Supramans, whichRead More

Which Mazda sports car will you buy?

A new car in the Mazda lineup.It’s a sports car.It doesn’t look like a sports sedan.And it’s going to be more than $50,000.But Mazda says that if you’re looking for a sports performance car that’s a tad bit different from the rest, then you’re in luck.The company is offering a $50 rebate on the baseRead More

How to get the best of ESPN and Recode, plus new episodes of Recode Replay More Videos … title Sports Illustrated: The best-of recap of the weekend from ESPN Sports.

Sports Illustrated is the world’s largest news magazine, covering sports, business, and politics.With more than 70 million subscribers around the world, Sports Illustrated covers the news in more than 100 languages.Today, Sports in Brief features the best sports coverage from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPNU, ESPN Insider, ESPN Originals, ESPN Radio, ESPN Classic, ESPN GameDay, ESPNRead More

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