How to buy an affordable sports car in the US: Fox’s sports midwestern rivals

Fox Sports Midwest, the parent company of Fox Sports Midwest, has launched its first offering to the US market in the form of a $1,300 Ford Falcon SUV.

The new Falcon is priced at $1.2 million, but it’s the first entry-level Ford Falcon we’ve seen in the country.

The car features a V6 engine and a manual gearbox, but the only thing you’ll find in the box is a USB-C cable.

The Falcon is only available in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.

The Fox sports Midwest website has a price list and details on the Falcon’s specs.

We’ve been getting some early news on the vehicle, so we wanted to know what you think of the car.

The news has been coming out from Fox for some time now.

In April, we reported that Fox Sports would be launching its first entry into the US with the Falcon SUV, and that the company was aiming for the mid-to-high $1 million range.

This new entry would offer a “mid-range” package that includes a base model Falcon, which would come with a 4.0L turbocharged V6, and an optional turbocharged version, which will have a 5.5L V8.

Both the base and turbocharged versions will cost $1-3 million.

We spoke to Fox’s Vice President of Marketing Matt Schulze about the Falcon and its price.

We asked about how much it would cost to build the car, and he said it would be about $300,000, or roughly $300 per car.

We then asked if Fox was planning to offer an option for buyers who want a base Falcon.

Schulz replied that “the plan is to build them and sell them, and they’re still in development.”

He didn’t specify how long this would take.

The Ford Falcon comes with a seven-speed automatic transmission, and the driver will be able to choose between a manual or automatic gearbox.

Fox also plans to offer a third-party control system for the Falcon.

We’ll have to wait and see if Fox will offer a more robust system with the launch of the Falcon, but for now, we can safely say that this is a car that will appeal to the hardcore Ford fan in the market.

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