The Big 5 are back in the Curling world

Curling is back in sport, as the Big 5 have a new home on Curling. 

The Big 5 has announced the return of the Curl Club in London, and will now be run by a new head coach. 

Joanna O’Sullivan, a former Curling World Tour player and Curling International champion, has been named Curling’s new head, and the team has also announced a new women’s team, with Joanna Koster, the former Curl World Tour champion, as an assistant coach.

Curling, which was once a popular sport for young people, has become less competitive in recent years. 

But the sport has not been without controversy. 

Curling is banned in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Northern England and parts of Wales, with the UK having its own ban. 

There is also a strong belief that curling is a health risk, and has led to a spike in the number of curling deaths. 

“Curling has been a sport that has been very positive for me, and I have had the privilege of working with the Curls Club in England, Scotland and Wales,” O’Sullys coach, Rob Haines, said.

“The Curls have helped me in my own development as a coach, and they have been a great resource to help me grow as a player.”

The team has been in operation since 2015, and have competed in a number of international competitions, including the Curle Classic in 2017, the World Curling Championships in 2018, the Curler’s World Cup in 2019 and the World Championships in 2020. 

O’Sullivan said the club had been able to grow due to the strong relationship the team had with the sport, and it was important to keep the tradition alive. 

Haines said: “It’s a very strong team, a very diverse team, and one of the reasons I was able to get into the Curlin world is because of that. 

I’ve been able work with some very experienced curlers, who are all quite experienced and know what they are doing.”

There are some guys who have been with the team for a while who have gone on to be some of the best players in the world, so it’s important that we keep it going.” 

‘It’s not like the sport is dead’In the first few weeks of 2019, the team will be competing in the WCA in London and the Curlam Classic in Manchester, and is planning to take part in the 2020 World Curl Championships. 

Head of Curling for the UK, Andy Scott, said: “We’re very excited about Curling, and we’re also very happy to see the Curlins back in action, as it’s been a long time since Curling has had a world tour in its history. 

We’ve got some exciting teams, with a very competitive and talented squad. 

It’s something that we can all be proud of.” 

The team will also be in action at the 2019 Curling Classic in Scotland, and in the 2019 World Championships at Glasgow. 

Scott said the team was excited to return to the Curlan World Tour, which began in 2016, and hoped the Curlers’ Club in the UK would be a great platform for them to have a strong platform to continue their growth. 

He added: “Curling’s a great sport, but it’s not the sport it was 10 years ago, so there are a lot of positives and a lot negatives to be looked at. 

What I’m very excited for is that there are some great players coming back and it will be good to see how the sport can grow and grow in this country again.” 

A lot of the players are still competing in their home country, with some of them travelling to Curling countries like Australia and New Zealand. 

One player, Katie Liddell, is already back in Curling after a spell in Australia, and there are also some who have played for Curling in other countries, like Curling Champion Anna Marie MacLean and Curler Champion Anna Leech. 

Other members of the team have been in the sport for many years, and O’Shea said the biggest change in terms of the sport was that it was now in the hands of the public. 

She said:”I think it’s really important that the public understands what Curling actually is, because people do come from all over the world to Curl, so that makes it all the more important. 

They can come and see a game that they’ve never seen before, and that’s really exciting for the sport. 

Everyone’s really passionate about Curl and it’s great that it’s all growing again.

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