When Sports Illustrated ran Jay’s Sports, It Was a Must-Read

 By now, you’ve probably heard of Jay-Z, the hip-hop mogul and philanthropist whose charitable arm Jay-z Media is a subsidiary of. 

Jay’s foundation is famous for its support of the U.S. Olympic movement, but in recent years, he’s become known for giving back to the sport of curling.

The Jay-ZA Sport Foundation, which has been a part of Jay’s business since the mid-1980s, is one of the biggest charitable endeavors in curling’s history, raising money for several charities.

The foundation has raised more than $1.2 billion since it began, and Jay’s philanthropic arm has been involved in a number of other charitable endeavors, including helping the family of a fallen soldier with funeral expenses, helping fund the annual New York City Junior Curling Championships, and helping fund a major curling tournament in China.

Jay’s curling efforts have also benefited the country through a series of partnerships, including a $1 billion investment by the Jay-D.C. Sports & Entertainment Group, a private equity fund founded by Jay-Jaxes son, Jay-Garrett.

Last year, Jay’s foundation also launched a $300 million partnership with the National Ice Hockey Association, which gave the Jay’s team the first-ever professional hockey-themed merchandise in the U, and has also invested in a series or other initiatives that have contributed to the country’s Olympic team.

To date, the Jay Z Sports Foundation has given $1 million to the New York Junior Curler’s Association, and a $500,000 grant to the Curling Club of America, the largest adult-aged ice hockey league in the world. 

For Jay, curling has always been his passion.

He told ABC News in 2015 that he “loves playing hockey” and that “everytime I see a ball, I feel like I’m at home.”

But the Jay Family Foundation has always kept his charity-focused and philanthropic efforts separate.

“I think we’re always mindful of who we’re giving to and who we don’t give to,” Jay-Jay said.

“When I’m doing this, I’m going to try to help people, but not give to a charity that’s not for people.

If I’m not giving, I think I’m giving too much.”

The Jay Z Family Foundation’s involvement with the sport is no different. 

In 2015, the foundation partnered with the Jay G. Carter Foundation to invest in the National Curling Association and a series, which is now called the Jay Grant Foundation.

The Carter Foundation, along with other charitable foundations, are among the top philanthropic institutions in the country, and the Jay Foundation’s mission is to help the country continue to grow its sport.

“Jay’s involvement is very important to us, and we want to do what he has done for the sport,” Carter said. 

“We see him as a leader, as a visionary, and as a guy who can make a difference.”

In addition to the Jay foundation’s support of curlers, the family also invests in the sports teams of its friends and allies.

The Jay G Carter Foundation is currently one of eight trustees of the Curler World Cup, which will be held this summer in Vancouver, Canada.

“The Curler and its players and coaches have been a great asset to the community,” Carter added.

“We believe that the Jay and Jay Grant Trustees will be a great catalyst for other communities to support curling.” 

In 2016, the Carter Foundation was awarded $3.8 million to create the Curl World Cup Series, which seeks to create a global curling championship series, bringing together more than 50 teams from around the world to compete for gold and silver. 

The Curl Series will feature teams from the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, and Canada.

The event will also feature a variety of other tournaments, including the world’s first ever Curling World Cup Championship, the World Curling Championship and the World Indoor Curling.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity to bring the world together, to be a part, to compete together,” Carter told ABC.

“To do it in a very inclusive, inclusive environment.”

Jay and his family are also heavily involved in other curling organizations.

In 2015, Jay was inducted into the prestigious Sport Hall of Fame.

In addition, Jay has donated millions of dollars to the National Hockey League (NHL), the NBA, and other sports teams.

In 2015 alone, the philanthropist donated nearly $4.5 million to help fund the NBA’s NBA All-Star Game.

Jay also recently launched a new charity, the Curlin’ Jay Foundation, to help support the National Basketball Players Association’s (NBPA) youth program. 

Additionally, Jay is known for donating millions to the U-20 World Cup in South Africa, which was played last summer.The

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