Why I Love The Eagles (2017)

By Jennifer L. HalladaySeptember 10, 2018I love Philadelphia sports.

It’s a place that can be just as fun and exciting as it is good, and it’s the only place I’d rather watch sports than work in New York.

And so when the Eagles won the Super Bowl last year, I thought the best part was that it was their first playoff victory in four years.

I didn’t realize how many Eagles fans were in the stands.

I thought it was just a few thousand.

But I was wrong.

That crowd was a testament to the fact that, despite a great group of players, they’ve always been a loyal and dedicated group of fans.

I’m not kidding.

It was a true testament to what Philadelphia means to my city.

Now, it’s time for the Eagles to make another trip to Philadelphia, but this time they’re bringing their own fan base along.

After the Eagles lost to the Steelers in the AFC Championship game, Eagles fans started to take to social media to let everyone know that they were unhappy with the team.

They began posting about how awful the team was, and I’m sure it was a little bit of a surprise to some of them.

But that wasn’t all.

I found out from a source close to the Eagles that the fans had actually started to organize and plan out what they were going to do to get back to the Super-Bowl.

This is the Eagles, after all, who won Super Bowl XLVII last year by playing a Super Bowl-clinching drive to the final seconds against the Baltimore Ravens.

So it’s not like the Eagles haven’t been through some rough times in the past.

The fans are doing what they can to make sure the team is not just a disappointment again, but they’re also putting forth their best effort to make this trip to the Lombardi Trophy-winning city.

If the Eagles can make it to the next Super Bowl, the fan base will be ready for it.

But what does that mean for me personally?

I know I love the Eagles.

But as much as I love my team, I also love Philly sports more.

That means I’m willing to take the most physical part of this trip and do what I can to take care of my own health.

And so I’m going to keep an eye out for any signs of illness, and if I find anything that could cause me to go into a bit of trouble.

And if I am, I’ll take care to keep the Eagles in my prayers.

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Halladay on Twitter: @JenniferLHalladay.

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