When Disney releases its new sports-oriented games for iPhones, tablets, and Apple TV, you can get them in the App Store

Disney has just released new sports apps for iPhone and iPad, and those will also be available to Apple TV owners.

The company announced on Thursday that Disney’s new sports games will be available in the iOS App Store on July 15, 2018.

The app for iPhones is called Disney Sports Academy, and the new sports app for iPads is called The Walt Disney Family Games.

Disney also recently announced that it will release two new sports sports apps: The Walt Pixar Academy and The Walt Diddy Racing Academy.

Both of those apps will be on the AppStore on July 1, 2018, and will be updated on a weekly basis.

Both apps will also have a Disney+ option, which lets you connect with friends to play games with them on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

Disney Sports Club, which will be released later this summer, will have a separate Disney+ app that will allow you to connect with your friends, and there will also likely be a Disney Sports Center app that lets you create a private party or family event.

The Walt Walt Disney Studios has also announced that they will release a new version of the app on July 5.

The updated version will also include Disney’s latest game for iOS, Disney Junior.

Disney Junior is an animated game that teaches you how to play basketball and golf, and it will also come with a Disney Disney Parks app that allows you to use your phone as a remote controller for the game.

Disney has also launched an app called Disney Junior Sports, which is designed for families and kids, and allows users to create their own events.

Disney Interactive will also release a sports app called Sports Interactive on July 18.

Disney announced that the Disney Junior game will be free to play on the iOS and Android devices, and that it is available in all markets.

Disney is also adding a new app called The Disney Parks Plus on July 19.

That app is designed to allow families and children to join Disney parks and attractions in a virtual world, which can include Disney-themed attractions and locations.

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