Which is the best smartwatch for your body?

The best smartwatches are usually built around the same basic design: They’re usually the same size, and usually feature the same or similar hardware.

But a few smartwears from different manufacturers have tried different things with different specs and different body types.

And that’s not always a bad thing.

For starters, most smartwands from other brands have the same general look.

They’re made with a similar material, and they have similar battery life.

They also use similar bands, so it’s easy to swap out the band and still use the same device.

However, a few manufacturers, like Apple and Google, have gone in a slightly different direction with their designs.

While the latest Apple Watch is the biggest star of the smartwatch boom, its design is not without its quirks.

Here are some of the top smartwares from Apple, Samsung, and LG that have been the most polarizing among the top brands in the space.

Read on to find out which one is best for you.

Apple Watch Apple’s newest smartwatch has a lot of potential.

It has an OLED display, accelerometer, and a heart rate monitor that can help you keep a watch on your wrist.

It’s one of the few smartwatch makers with the potential to revolutionize how people use their watches.

But its biggest feature, the watch face, has yet to make a splash.

Its main feature is the Apple Watch Face.

The Face lets you set your favorite Apple Watch face for notifications and reminders.

You can change the face and its color and pattern to suit your personal style.

It also lets you choose to customize the Apple Face to match your watch.

Apple says it uses artificial intelligence to create the Apple watch face that is on your iPhone.

It then analyzes the faces of other people who use the watch, looking for common features and adjusting the face accordingly.

The algorithm then looks for trends and other features that will lead to a better face.

You have a choice of four colors: gold, silver, silver/gold, and stainless steel.

Apple says the Apple face is based on the human eye, and it doesn’t use the human brain.

Apple has tried to get its watch faces to look like Apple Watch faces, so the face of the Apple Apple Watch may look like a Samsung Gear S3 or a Samsung Galaxy S5, for example.

But Apple also says the face isn’t perfect.

Apple WatchOS 4.0 Apple Watch OS 4.1.0 adds new features like notifications and notification alerts.

It makes it easier to customize your watch face and it even comes with some customization options for the face.

The watch face comes with the Apple Pencil and the Apple Keypad, which lets you access your Apple Watch apps from your iPhone or iPad.

It even includes the Apple Pay app for paying for apps, as well as an Apple Watch companion app.

Apple has also built a new notification center in the Watch app, allowing you to see notifications and send them to a friend on your phone.

The notification center lets you see the messages you receive from contacts in the watch app, so you can make sure to read their messages.

There’s also a new Apple Watch app called WatchOS that lets you control the Apple Watches various features.

Apple is also trying to get users to make Apple Watch purchases.

The company is offering free Apple Watch bands with purchases and offering new bands with purchase incentives, like the Air Pods.

But there’s also the Applewatch Plus, which offers more storage, a smaller battery, and offers a more convenient app for making payments.

You can check out our list of the best Android smartwalls for 2016.

Samsung Gear S1 The Samsung Gear is a smartwatch with a small battery and a low price.

It works out of the box and is great for anyone who doesn’t have an Apple watch.

It comes with a battery that can last up to three days, and there’s a heart-rate monitor that lets the user know how fast he or she is.

It supports Bluetooth Low Energy, meaning you can use it wirelessly with your iPhone, iPad, and Android phone.

The Samsung Gear has been criticized for not being waterproof.

The Gear S2 is slightly waterproof, but the Gear S4 is not.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is waterproof.

It can survive up to 4 meters underwater, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is also waterproof.

Samsung Galaxy Gear S5 The Samsung Smartwatch S5 is a very different device from the Samsung Gear.

It is slightly more expensive, and has a larger battery, but it’s a little more complicated to use.

There are two different versions of the Samsung Smartwatches.

The first one comes with an 8MP camera, but users can also use the Samsung Watch app.

The second one is a new device that is waterproof, has an accelerometer and an ambient light sensor, and comes with Android Wear software.

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