How Lexus Sports Cars ‘Super Sport’ Can Handle Super Cars

A new Lexus model may be just a matter of time before the company makes an impact on the sportscar market.

The company’s Super Sport line is designed to take on the most challenging road-going sports cars in the world, from Formula 1 cars to NASCAR cars.

But while the company has set a number of ambitious goals for the Super Sport range, the first car in the line is set to take a major step towards making a dent on the world’s most powerful cars.

It is the first time Lexus has set out its Super Sport car, the Lexus RC F, and it’s also the first of its line to be built in Australia.

Key points:A Lexus Super Sport sports car is designed with the drivers of super-fast cars in mindThe RC F has been built at the Australian Research and Development Centre (ARC) in AdelaideLexus SuperSport is designed for fast road speedsA high-speed torque vectoring system has been fitted to the RC FThe RC is the world champion’s first sports carThe new Super Sport is a three-door hatchback that has been designed for extreme speed and acceleration.

It’s a vehicle that, according to Lexus, will be the world championship’s fastest car.

“Lexus is very proud to announce that it will be taking on the challenge of winning the title with the LexUS RC F,” Lexus CEO Simon Hildebrand said.

“The RCF’s performance will allow Lexus to push ahead of the rest of the industry and deliver the most advanced supercars in the industry, in the form of the Lexuses super-supercar SuperSport, the world champions’ first sportscar.”

The Lexus super-speed supercar is designed by Lexus’ highly respected design team, which includes the design head of the F Sport, Lexus Motorsport Design Director and Lexus racing engineer Simon Hilderman.

Mr Hildebrands team have worked closely with the ARC for the past two years and it was clear they had to bring the design into a new environment.

“When we started working on this car we knew the challenge was big,” Lexis CEO Simon said.

Mr Hildberg said the car’s high-performance powertrain and super-stealthy design would be a “major difference” to previous Lexus models.””

The team really delivered on that vision, and we are now very excited to share it with our customers.”

Mr Hildberg said the car’s high-performance powertrain and super-stealthy design would be a “major difference” to previous Lexus models.

“We have seen that the SuperSport line is a super-sports car that we really like, but it is also a car that has some significant engineering challenges,” Mr Hildeberg said.”[The SuperSport] will be designed for performance and a high-powered torque vector, and that is something we really wanted to make sure to keep in mind for the RCF.”

You can’t build a car like this without taking some of the challenges out of it, and making sure that you are using some of those challenges, so that we can get the best possible performance out of the engine.

“It is going to be very interesting to see what our customers will come to expect from us.”

That will be something we will continue to work on to make it more accessible to the masses.

“Lexus said the new RC F will be based on the company’s latest Super Sport platform, which has been tuned for high performance on the track.”

A new SuperSport car will be a major difference to previous models, which is why we wanted it to be designed with performance in mind,” Mr Lexis said.

Lexus’ Super Sport road car is set for a debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in January 2019.

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