Toyota unveils Kia S35 AMG hatchback, says no-reserve option

Toyota’s all-new Kia Sportage has been unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The Japanese carmaker unveiled the hatchback at the show and confirmed that no-registration option is available on the car.

The hatchback has an interior that’s said to be designed to be very comfortable to drive.

The interior is said to have a “classic Japanese feel” with classic leather and steel materials.

The hatchback will be available in three trim levels, with the base model costing ¥4,095,000 (about $50,000 US).

There are three color options available with black, silver and blue.

Toyota also announced a range of models with a higher price tag, including a new Kia Soul EV and a new 2017 Hyundai Tucson hatchback.

The company said it would continue to expand its lineup with the introduction of new models in the future.

The Toyota Sportage hatchback is said have been engineered to offer the “comfort of a classic luxury SUV,” as well as offering “immersive driving experience” and “sporty character.”

It will be priced at ¥4.3 million ($6,200) for the base Kia and ¥4 million ($7,400) for an extra $2,100 ($8,000) for a no-refunded upgrade to the no-recharge-policy.

The new Kias will debut in late 2019.

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