How to watch the rugby sevens world series online

The Rugby Sevens World Series starts at 6pm GMT on Saturday, July 24.

There will be plenty of highlights for fans of the sport, with highlights from the World Series, Rugby League, rugby union and cricket in the same night.

For the first time, there will also be highlights from other international sporting events such as football, basketball and tennis, but the World Cup is not part of the broadcast.

As with the World Championship, there are five home matches on the Rugby Seven, with the other two being in Brisbane and Perth.

The Rugby Seven has not hosted an international final since the 2003 World Cup, but that was before the introduction of a new competition format. 

The World Series is a seven-team, 12-day competition which means the competition is much more closely matched to the rugby league and rugby union competitions.

The competition is played at the Australian Stadium in Brisbane, the same venue that hosts the Rugby World Cup.

The first of three matches between the two teams will be played on the first day of the World Finals, with one of the first four games taking place on the second day.

The other two games will be at home venues in Perth and Brisbane.

The Australian Stadium will be the home venue for the first match, and will be home to the Australian Sevens team from the 2015 Rugby World Series. 

“It’s the perfect home ground for the Aussies Sevens and the Brisbane Roar,” Rugby League Commissioner Dave Smith said.

“There is a good mix of young and experienced players and I’m looking forward to the first game.” 

“We’re very excited to be hosting the World Sevens, with an international and international rugby seven in the World of Sevens series.”

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