Trump praises NFL’s ‘great players’ for showing support of President Trump

Donald Trump praised the players for standing up for him during his first foreign trip.

| AP Photo Trump: ‘Great players’ were showing support for President TrumpDuring a meeting with NFL players in Florida, Trump praised players for their actions, saying they were giving back to the country.

“They’re giving back a lot,” Trump said.

“It’s incredible.

It’s unbelievable.

And they’re giving so much back.

It is incredible.

And I think it’s just a great example of how great players are, and I think we’ve got a lot of great players.

They’re great players, and they’re going to do great things for us.”

Trump also praised the NFL for giving back during his presidency, saying it was “so important for me to give back.”

“It’s so important to me to show that I love my players and to show the American people that I am going to be a leader in the NFL and that I’m going to give them the respect they deserve,” he said.

Trump said the NFL has “an unbelievable amount of support” from his fans, who have “never felt so loved.”

“The people that support the NFL are so passionate, and so much of it is about the NFL.

And it’s so amazing,” Trump added.

“You have great players that are just doing incredible things, and the fans are really showing that love.”

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