How to tell if your daughter is a sports fan

It seems like every woman who watches sports wants to be one of the “big girls.”

But the reality is that most of us aren’t.

It doesn’t matter how many championships your daughter has won; she won’t be able to tell you if she is a fan of the Chicago Cubs, or whether she’s really a Cubs fan.

So how can you tell if you’re a sports follower and get the best of both worlds?

Here are five tips that you can use to get the most out of your daughter’s sport.


Make sure she’s not a “sports girl” The most common misconception is that sports fans are just too self-conscious about their appearance and are only interested in sports because it’s something “nice to have” or something “important” to them.

But, the truth is, most girls are interested in anything that’s about sports.

They love sports because they’re a way for them to connect with people and feel connected.

It can also be a way to get together with other girls and bond with them.

“It’s very important for us to find a way of communicating with each other, so that we don’t lose the connection,” says Lisa D’Onofrio, co-founder of the online forum The Little Mermaid.

“And I think sports is a way that girls can communicate with each one of their peers.”

Lisa also works at the University of Arizona where she teaches sport theory and research.

“If we talk about sport, then it’s an easy way to connect, and it’s a good way to engage with people, and a great way to find new friendships,” she says.

Lisa says that the best way to show your daughter that she’s a sports-loving person is to make sure that she isn’t just watching to see who is the best in the sport.

You want to make her feel comfortable, she says, and not to feel overwhelmed.

“When you do that, you make her more likely to want to come and participate, even if she’s just watching the highlights of the game,” she explains.

Lisa recommends making sure that you introduce your daughter to the game before she starts watching it.

“In the beginning, just say, ‘Hi, Mom, how are you doing?’

If she doesn’t respond, just smile and say, that’s fine,” she recommends.

“As you watch, you can tell that she wants to watch more and that you’re there to help her learn.”

Lisa says she also has some tips for how to make it seem like your daughter loves sports, too.

“You should always have a little bit of fun with her,” she advises.

“I always recommend putting her to sleep by telling her she’s being a little silly, and just letting her sleep, and then waking her up.”


Ask your daughter what sports she watches She’s probably already watched at least one game, and if she has a friend or family member who watches the same sports, you might be able have a good conversation.

But if you can’t be that fun, you should talk to her about her sport preferences.

“Ask her what sport she’s watching,” says D’Oliveira.

“How much do you watch?

What is the sport?”

You can even make it so that her favorite sport is one you’ve already watched or even a new one that you’ve discovered.

“Make it a little less like, ‘Hey, Mom I watch this sport, I’m so excited to watch this one,'” she advises, “and instead, talk about how your child loves sports and how she’s excited to get to know all of the different sports.”

“You want to have fun, and she needs that,” says Jodi Littman, a sports marketing consultant in California.

“But you also want to do it in a way where she doesn and won’t feel intimidated or like she has to do anything extra.”

Lisa recommends that you get to a point where you can introduce your girl to sports without having to worry about getting her to feel intimidated.

“Try to take a step back and say to her, ‘What are you really interested in?'” she says to make things easier.

“We can’t all watch every game, but we can watch them together.

If you can find ways of having a good time together, that’ll be a great experience for her.”


Make it fun for your daughter Even if she doesn, you want to encourage her to enjoy her sports.

If your daughter can’t watch a sport, or doesn’t feel comfortable watching it, she should try something else.

“Just go out there and try something different and keep it fun,” says Litt-Morse.

“Like going to the beach and just walking around, and having a great time.”

If you’re lucky, you may also be able bring your daughter out to a sporting event, like a tennis tournament, or maybe a football game. If she

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