Dick’s Sporting Goods will bring ‘The Dicks’ back to life in 2017

Dick’s Sports & Entertainment, Inc. announced today that the iconic “The Dickers” will be returning to the sporting landscape.

The company said the revival will begin in 2017 with a two-year, $1.6 million program that will include a new “Dick’s” collection of sports gear, apparel and accessories. 

The revival of “The Dick’s” brand will begin with a brand new “Dicks” collection that will be available to Dick’s customers. 

“Dick’s Sporting goods is committed to bringing back the iconic ‘The Dick’ brand to a new era,” said Dan Grosz, President, Dick’s.

“We will bring back the ‘Dick’s’ brand as an iconic sports icon for generations to come, and we are excited to unveil our brand new ‘The ‘Dicks’ collection.” 

The new collection includes iconic designs from Dick’s history, including original Dicks sneakers and a collection of original DICK’S jerseys.

The collection will include Dick’s Original Sporting Goods Co. branded jerseys, Dickts Classic Sporting Goods Brand jersey and the Dickts Original Sporting goods.

The new “The ‘Dick’ collection” will include the brand’s signature logo, as well as a selection of Dick’s original sporting goods. 

Grosz said the brand will continue to expand into other sports and apparel categories. 

Dicks is expected to launch the “Dickts Original Sportswear” brand in 2018. 

Dick’s Sports’ President, Matt McIlroy, said that while “The Original Dick’s Sportswears” is a great name for a new collection, it will never go away. 

McIlroy said the new collection will focus on sports, as opposed to sports apparel. 

It will always be The Original Dick.’ “

That is what ‘The’ is all about, that is the core of what we are about, the essence of what Dick’s is about.

It will always be The Original Dick.’ 

The DICK’s “DICK’s Original Sport Swear” collection will debut on August 18th at the Dick’s New York City Headquarters. 

More information will be released in the coming months. 

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